Best Kodi Builds kodi build How to uninstall Kodi builds and revert it back as before under 2 minutes

How to uninstall Kodi builds and revert it back as before under 2 minutes

If it comes to addons or builds, kodi builds are the best choice for most of the users. Kodi Builds are simply great because it allows the users to install a set of predefined addons, repository and lots of skins in a single click. In simple terms, builds are the easiest way to customize your kodi in the single click. These builds are developed by kodi enthusiast. If you are using a particular build for a long period of time, you may face issues like the improper working of addons, reduced performance, outdated and missing repository. If you are facing such issue, most probably your build is outdated. So its time for some upgrades. You need to uninstall your current build and install a new one. In this article, we will explain how to uninstall Kodi builds and revert it back as before easily.

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The process of uninstalling Kodi builds involves Indigo kodi addon too. So follow the steps given carefully.

Before proceeding to the core article, we will explain what are kodi builds and Lifespan of kodi build. You can skip this procedure if you already knew about it.

Kodi builds

Kodi builds are just a modified version of kodi with a predefined set of addons, repository, skins, and some shortcuts. Kodi build is being developed to provide an ultimate kodi experience to the users. Hundreds of addons are released every year. In that, most of the addons are not working properly over the time. Only a few addons can maintain their pace and provides quality contents to the user. So if there is any problem with the addons, each time the user has to search for hundreds of addons to find the best kodi addons. Builds are developed to simplify this search. With kodi builds, you can install a set of predefined best addons(according to the developer) in a single click with its repository.

Life Span of a Kodi build

If a build is constantly providing the user what needs, why should they change the build? The fact is, there is the only handful for such builds. And there is a lifespan for builds and it depends on the developer. At first, the developers are putting their heart and soul in developing their own build to provide best kodi experience to the user. After the build is released, the news will spread in the kodi community and some users will install the builds. For the next few months, there will be some updates. When the developers receive a new project, they may switch over leaving the build. After few months, addons stop working, outdated repos, you will receive lots of errors. Now your build is officially dead.

If you are facing such issue, there are 3 ways you can solve this issue.

  • Uninstall the current Kodi build and go for the latest one.
  • Update your current build.
  • Use default Kodi app.

How to uninstall Kodi builds

To uninstall a kodi build, you need the help of a program/ maintenance addon. Here we will be using indigo kodi addon to backup and uninstall a kodi build. Uninstalling a Kodi build will delete all the addons and settings. So we highly recommend taking a back of the current build before uninstalling it. Well, let’s proceed to the installation procedure of indigo kodi addon.

Indigo kodi addon installation guide

  • Select Settings > File manger > Add source > None.
  • Enter the repository URL as “” and give any name.
  • Go to homescreen > Addons > unzipper icon > install from zip file.
  • Select the name you had given and Kodi Repo -> XBMCHUB repository file.
  • Select install from repository > TV addons repo > Video addons > Indigo >install.

After installing indigo kodi addon, Select backup and restore from its main menu.

From the submenu, select the backup location.

This is indigo settings window, select the choose back location option.

Choose the desired location for backup, we suggest you make a new folder for this backup. Ans select OK.

After that make sure that the location is updated in the settings. And again click OK.

Now select full backup.

Enter the name for this backup. Remember this name, with this name only we can restore the backup later. I prefer to date. And select OK.

Now the backup process will start. And wait for few seconds.

Once the process is completed you will receive a notification. And select OK.

Now select factory restore from the main menu.

It will ask for confirmation. Select yes to factory rest your kodi. This will uninstall your build. And force reboot your kodi to complete the process.

These steps will delete all the data. So eventually, the build will be uninstalled. And now you can install some other latest build. Refer to this page for the best kodi builds list with the installation procedure.

How to revert back Kodi

The selection of build is purely subjective. We can’t say a single build will satisfy the needs of each and every users. So it’s a trial and error method. After installing a new build, if you are facing any issue and think that the old build is much better, you can always use the backup to restore to the previous version.

Note: This step is only possible if you had already had a backup of the previous version.

Open Indigo kodi addon and select Backup/Restore. Followed by Restore backup.

Now select the backup, which you want to restore.

It is asking for a confirmation, select Yes.

Wait for few seconds, till the restore process complete.

After completion, it will ask for exit and restart kodi. You can force reboot kodi to complete this process.

With the above steps, you can uninstall a kodi build and revert it back to normal anytime you want.

Update the current build

If other builds don’t suit your taste, you can use the default kodi by installing required addons in it manually. It is a simple process. If you think it a complicated issue, you can use indigo kodi addon to update the existing addons and repository. This method will fix some of the minor issues.

Open indigo kodi addon and select maintenance tools.

Force update addons.

Now select YES to force update all the addons and repository. And after some time reboot kodi.

These are the steps to uninstall an existing build and restore it from a backup. Hope this tutorial is clear and informative. If you face any other issue, do let us know. We will do our best to solve the issue.

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