Best Kodi VPN with detailed comparison & Buyer’s Guide

Best Kodi Builds Best Kodi VPN with detailed comparison & Buyer’s Guide

All you need to know about KODI VPN


In this article, we will cover the following topics...

  • Why you need a VPN for Kodi?
  • Consequences of not using a Kodi VPN?
  • Best Kodi VPN Comparison Table
  • Factors to consider before buying a VPN
  • VPN setup on various devices

Why you need a Kodi VPN?


If you are a cord cutter, then you would probably use Kodi to stream all the latest movies and TV shows. Actually streaming those contents are illegal. If your ISP can track your streaming activity, then they can put you behind the bars.

So now the question is, "How your ISP can track what you stream?"

Well, every ISP provides a unique IP address to their customers and track the logs of what you browse / stream. So it is highly risky to browse/ stream any potential data.

Not just Kodi, entire internet streaming itself at risk! Increasing cyber crimes is a proof of that. So you need a shield to protect it from the hackers. One such shield is the VPN. A VPN will encrypt your connection with 256-bit encryption. So it's impossible for the hackers to decode the data.

In addition to that, you can also mask your original IP with other country IP address. By this way you can stream all the Geo-restricted contents. Once you have picked the Best Kodi VPN, either your government or ISP can't track you. You will remain completely anonymous from their radar.

What will happen when not using a Kodi VPN?


You might probability heard about its consequences from news. Some of the people who were streaming pirated content have been sued by the organization called ACE. A lot of top streaming industry giants are the members of ACT. And their main goal is to demolish piracy by suing Kodi developers and users. This is the major reason behind the serial copyright strikes on Kodi addons and developers.

Some of the famous developers like Blamo and addons like Bennu Ares wizard are completely removed from the community. So to be on the safer side, you need to use a Kodi VPN to mask your IP address. These are some of the most important factors to buy a KODI VPN. Refer to the below table to chose the best Kodi VPN.

Best Kodi VPN

VPN Services

No. of Servers































256 Bit AES

Military Grade 

256 Bit AES

256 Bit AES

256 Bit AES

Money Back

30 Days

30 Days

30 Days

30 Days

30 Days

Kodi Support








Factors to be considered before selecting the best Kodi VPN


There are certain factors to be considered before selecting any VPN for Kodi. The requirements for an individual may vary based on different factors. But if you want VPN for streaming, then make sure the VPN you select suffice the following factors.

  • Encryption
  • No of devices
  • Countries and servers

1. Encryption

The main purpose of using a VPN is to keep your online activity anonymous. There should be no data leaks or track of logs. And it should have a top notch encryption to protect your potential data from hackers. And one such encryption is 256 Bit encryption. It is the most powerful encryption in the VPN industry. And it is also know as military grade encryption. All the VPN which we stated, has the 256 Bit encryption. It provides maximum security to the user. It also keeps your online activity anonymous from ISP and government. 

2. No of Devices

Depending upon the VPN, the number of simultaneous connections my vary. We highly recommend you to go for the VPN with minimum three devices. By this way you can use the same VPN on multiple devices at once. We will also share a trick to use a VPN on all the devices connected to your router. ExpressVPN, IPVanish, NordVPN allows you to install the VPN on your router. By doing so, all the devices connected to your router are indirectly connected to the VPN. By this way your ISP / government can't track your online activities.

3. Countries and servers

This is the last important factor you need to consider before selecting a best VPN. We use VPN to bypass all the Geo restrictions imposed by the ISP or the content provider. So having a vast servers across all the major countries is mandatory. So  make sure to check the number of countries supported before purchasing a Kodi VPN.

The usage of VPN is restricted in some countries like UAE. So if you are from UAE, make sure to purchase a VPN which is allowed in your region. (this is only for the restricted region). And higher the number of servers, lesser the traffic on the individual server. So check if the VPN provider has multiple servers to handle the traffic.

Make sure to check all these factor before committing to a VPN. All the VPN has money back guarantee program. So make sure to try the VPN, if you are not satisfied, then claim back your money.

How to install VPN on Kodi


After purchasing the best kodi VPN, you need to install it on Kodi. There are two methods available to install VPN on Kodi. First method is the basic and widely used method.

In the first method, instead of installing a VPN on Kodi, the VPN is directly installed on the device. For instance, assume that you are using Kodi on Firestick. Then you can directly install VPN on Firestick and run Kodi. By this way the content you stream on Kodi will be encrypted.

For illustration purpose, we will set up the IPVanish VPN using two different methods. 

METHOD 1 : Device based VPN Installation


  • Just Search your VPN Provider on Firestick and install it directly.

  • Login to your account with username & password. 

  • Then select the desired country and connect to the VPN.


  • Just go the official site of your VPN.

  • Now search for device and select android to download the apk file. Or you can also get the apk file from the Playstore. 

  • Now after installing the application you can open it from the app drawer or home screen.


VPN on WINDOWS (Laptop or PC) 

  • ​To install any VPN on Windows you need its client application. You can download this application from the official site of the respective VPN.

  • Most of the client software follows wizard based installation. So follow the on screen instructions to install the software. 

  • Now open the application from your desktop or start menu.

These methods are device specific methods. Depending on the device you are using, you need to install VPN accordingly.


For installing VPN which doesn't have Firestick app, you can simply sideload the apk file into your streaming device. ​

If you are a firestick user, you can use EASY FIRE TOOLS APP to transfer the app from your android device to firestick. It is the most simplest of all methods. 

METHOD 2 : Install VPN on KODI using VPN MANAGER

This is a exclusive method to install any VPN on Kodi by using a VPN MANAGER addon. And the setup is bit complicated and it requires some technical knowledge.

We will keep this tutorial as simple as possible. Make sure to take a note of your VPN login details before proceeding to the further steps. 

  • Download the Zip File
  • Go to settings > Addons > Install from Zip File
  • Select the zip file by using browse feature and wait for the installation to complete.
  • Now select install from repository > Zomboided Repository > Services.
  • Choose VPN manager addon > Install
  • Wait till the addon is installed, and open it from the home screen.

To turn it on for the first time, go to the VPN connection Tab, and select 'First VPN connection'.

Now it will check for the configuration details and let you to connect to the VPN server.

You can check the status from the home screen of the addon.

To disconnect from the VPN server, use the 'disconnect VPN connection' 

Secret trick to save money with VPN


As promised, here is a secret trick to save money using VPN. We know that VPN can change your IP and mask your location. 

We will be using this feature to take advantage of the currency difference in different countries. To be much precise, consider you are purchasing a UFC PPV event membership. The actual cost of the membership is 60 USD in USA. By using a VPN, you can change the location to a different country where the subscription cost is less. 

We found that Piso (Philippines currency), Rupees(Indian currency), Yen(Japanese currency) are suitable for this trick. If you change the location to Philippines the cost of the PPV event will be 836 Piso = 16 USD. By using this trick you can save 73% of the cost.

​​​​And the best part is you can use the same trick to book tickets or buying software or services. If you are planning to buy a software or services, try Indian Rupees. 

Final Words


These are the reasons why you need a Kodi VPN. When thinking in a broader perspective, VPN is mandatory for online surfing activities. In this technological era, user privacy is always at risk! So use a VPN to protect yourself and the privacy of your loved ones.

I hope this article helped you to chose the best KODI VPN. If you are facing any issue kindly leave a comment below.

Have a great day ahead!

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