Best kodi addons for Movies, TV Shows, Live IPTV, Sports & more

Best Kodi Builds Best kodi addons for Movies, TV Shows, Live IPTV, Sports & more

The previous year had been rough for Kodi. A lot of copyright strikes and infringement on Kodi addons and Kodi repositories had made Kodi lose its popularity among its users. Hundreds of Kodi addons were taken down completely or partially. This even forced some of the users to switch to the alternate streaming apps.

best kodi addons

Need for Best Kodi addons

As many popular Kodi addons were taken down, lots of users are searching for “Best kodi addons”. The developers keep working on it and have come up with some new addons. We can even expect another strike on the currently working addons. So we will make sure to update this article with the best Kodi addons that actually works.

Kodi developers have released a new version “Leia”. It is the most advanced and stable version of Kodi, with a lot of mind-blowing features.

Since Kodi is rejuvenated to its past glory, we need some addons to keep up with it. We had analyzed more than 150 addons for a period of 4 months. We had checked its performance, working and support across various devices. And we filtered the top 20 kodi addons among them. In this article, we will share the 20 Best kodi addons.

Best Kodi addons

Here is a table containing the best Kodi addons and it’s respective repository URLs.

1Exodus ReduxExodus Redux Repository
213Clowns13Clowns Repository
3ExodusKodi Bae (Lazy Repo)
4MC1080PMan Cave Repository
5Bearded BanditJew Repository
6SerenNix Gates Repository
7Neptune RisingFreeworld Repository
8A Pirate’s Life for MeRuby Jewel Repository
9DeathStarUkodi1 Repository
10Yify Movies HDStream Army Repository
11Movie Theater ButterDiamond Wizard Repository
12Death From AboveAJ Builds Repository
13Rising TidesAJ Builds Repository
14Sports DevilKodil Repository
15Planet MMASupremacy Repository
16Supremacy SportsSupremacy Repository
17SelflessMaverick TV Repository
18ResistanceResistance Repository
19Watch cartoon onlineSuper Repository
20ToonMania2Sandman Repository
As a Kodi user, you should understand that Streaming movies, TV Shows and other pirated stuff on Kodi is illegal and risky. With that being said, some of the Kodi users are receiving DMCA and legal notices for illegal streaming on Kodi.

Prevention is better than cure!!! Right?

So it is advised to mask your IP using VPN while streaming on Kodi. Using a Kodi VPN will help you to connect to a different country IP address. By this way, you can stream anonymously on Kodi. Adding to that, you can even get access to geo-restricted addons and builds. Sign up for the best VPN for Kodi now!

Best Kodi VPN

Best Kodi addons for Movies

Exodus Redux 

To put simply its the advanced version of Exodus, developed by forking Exodus. And the irony is, it suppressed Exodus. Over time Exodus lost its shine. And now its time for the new one. The interface of the Exodus Redux is mostly similar to the old Exodus. It has an advanced scrapper than the exodus. The  Lambda scrapers are far efficient than the Exodus and they can fetch all the available links. And you can watch most of the content with Zero Buffering.

Exodus Redux is available in its own repo. And it is directly linked to Github user account. So even the copyright strikes occur, it can bounce back by using GitHub account. In addition to these, it also provides Real Debrid support for streaming HD contents.

REPO NAME: Exodus Redux Repository


It is one of the most promising upcoming addons. Soon it will reach great heights in the kodi community. It has some amazing contents. It can stream most of the video by using the Lambda Scrappers. It even has an option to re-install the old scrappers. You can find this option under the settings menu. It has a huge library which includes Movies, TV shows, Documentaries, and some old movies.

It also includes some of the boxset contents. With the top quality Lambda scrappers, 13clowns can fetch a wide range of work streams. But you need to set up the scrappers in the correct settings. 13Clowns Kodi addon is available in the 13Clowns repository.

REPO NAME: 13Clowns Repository


Here comes the runner of the race. No matter whatever new addons may come and go. Exodus had made a permanent mark in the user’s heart. Still, it is one of the most preferred Kodi addons. After all those copyright strikes, Exodus is still standing. Though its performance is reduced, it’s working fine. Its library is regularly updated and working fine.

If you are a new user and want to try Exodus Kodi addon, you can install the addon from the Kodi bae Repository. Exodus still uses the old scrappers. So you can try Exodus Redux, an improved version of Exodus.

REPO NAME: Kodi Bae Repository

MC 1080P

If you are an HD Movie freak, then this addon is for you. MC1080P allows you to stream all the HD content available in an effortless way. The interface of this addon is simple. You can even find movies from the early ’90s. All the contents are one click pay. In other words, you don’t have to select any streaming service providers

You can even sync your Trakt and Real-debrid account to this addon for effective streaming. MC1080P is available in Mancave Repository. This is a must install addon for all the users.

REPO NAME: Man Cave Repository

Bearded Bandit

It is an all in one addon focusing mainly on the Movies and TV shows. It has a Live TV section, from where you can stream most of the Live TV content. During the testing, we faced some issue with Live TV streaming. After using a VPN, It was resolved. You can use a VPN like IPVanish or Express VPN to stream US or UK channels.

Bearded Bandit box set section has some amazing content, don’t forget to check that out. Bearded Bandit kodi addon is available in Jew Repo.

REPO NAME: Jew Repository


Well, Seren is not a free kodi addon like others. It needs other premium services like Real Debrid. If you have a real debrid account, then you can sync it with Seren. The addon interface and fetching speed is amazing. The main reason you should try seren is, it automatically removes all the nonworking links. If you are fed up because of the bad links, you can try this addon. Seren Kodi addon is available in Nix gates Repository.

REPO NAME: Nix Gates Repository

Neptune Rising

This is yet another creation from Mr. Blamo, the Exodus developer. Well, this is the last addon created by him, before leaving the kodi community. The recent copyright strike was mainly focused on eliminating the top developers, Blamo is one of them. We are hopefully waiting for his return. He may leave the community, but his addons are still performing amazingly.

It was removed from all the official repository, but you can download the files from the backup repositories. There won’t be any new update for this addon. Since its a standalone addon, it works fine without repository linked to it. You can download Neptune Rising Kodi addon from Freeworld Repository.

REPO NAME: Freeworld Repository

A Pirate’s Life for Me

Bored with scrapping technology? Then try this addon with new technology. A Pirate’s Life for Me kodi addon works with a new technology called Torrent catching. It will search for all the available torrent link and display the contents for Playback. It’s buffering free!! Make sure to try this addon. It also has a big library for the content. If you search for content it will be added to the library. And you can access it anytime via magnet torrent link.

In simple terms, you can make your own favorite library. It also has a premium version, you can expect high performance in the premium version. Thought free version is good to go, as long as you are using a VPN like Express VPN. A Pirate’s Life for Me kodi addon is located in Ruby Jewel Repo.

REPO NAME: Ruby Jewel Repository


Want to install a 30+ addon on a single click to access the content of various addons at once?  Then install death star Kodi addon, it’s not like any other addon you may come across. It is developed by combining the features of the best addons. It has everything you need, movies, TV shows, Live TV.

Actually, it was developed by the top ten developers. So it never fails to deliver the best quality. You can install the death star kodi addon from Ukodi1 repository.

REPO NAME: Ukodi1 Repository

Yify Movies HD

Yify movies need no introduction. It is the most popular Hd movies and TV shows destination. It allows the user to download the content via torrent. And its also offering streaming for premium members. And the premium members have special access to the exclusive contents with increased speed.

Now Yify extended its support to kodi. With Yify Movies HD Kodi addon, you can stream all the movies and TV shows. But to access the exclusive contents you need a premium account. You can install Yify Movie HD kodi addon from Stream Army Repository.

REPO NAME: Stream Army Repository

Movie Theater Butter

If you are using kodi for a while, you might come across a famous addon called Incursion, Movie theater Butter is a cone of Incursion. Both have the same UI and scrappers. so this addon will act as the good replacement for Incursion.

You can download movie Theater Butter from Diamond Wizard Repo. The contents are available in 720p. 1080p is not available. If you are looking for Full HD content, go for MC1080P Kodi addon.

REPO NAME: Diamond Wizard Repository

Death From Above

Death From above kodi addon is from the team Falcon. AJ repo, maverick, and Falcon are skilled in integrating all the available addon to give the best for the user. Death From Above has the content integrated from 8 addons. In simple terms, it acts as the gateway to access the content of available addon within the repository.

And the irony is Death From Above is not available in any repository. You need to download the zip file and install it, to access the repository. In this way, the addon can survive any copyright strike. It also supports Real Debrid integration. And you can watch a pile of HD contents.

REPO NAME: AJ Builds Repository

Best Kodi Addons for Sports

Though there are lots of sports addons, during our testing only very few addons are working fine. And the main reason for this is, Sports devil framework is not working properly. And 80% of the sports addons are associated with sports devil framework. So their performance is also affected. Here are some of the working Kodi sports addons, in spite of the issue.

Rising Tides

Recently Rising tides performance is awesome. Due to the copyright strike, lots of best sports addons stopped working. So the best sports addons were really decreased to substandard addons. Rising tides is a decent overall sports addon which allows you to stream most of the available content. During our testing, we faced some issue with this addon while streaming live content.

After using a VPN like Express VPN, The problem was resolved to a certain extent. You can stream most of the content, but it does have some dead links. So it will take some time before finding the working contents.

REPO NAME: AJ Builds Repository

Sports Devil

Sports Devil Kodi addon needs no introduction. It is one of the all-time best kodi addons. Since most of the kodi addon works with sports devil framework, it was the main target in a copyright strike. Since a sports channel involves scrapping of live contents. sports devil framework is the best.

If you are a sports enthusiast, then this is a must install an addon for you. Though the content streamed are comparatively lesser than the old version, it still worth the first position. You can download sports devil from the Kodil repository.

REPO NAME: Kodil Repository

If you are looking for more sports contents, you can also use the Planet MMA and supremacy sports kodi addon to access the live sports contents. Or you can also use Live TV channels to stream live contents for free. Check out the sports content in the all in one addons list.

Best Kodi Addons for watching PPV events/ Live Matches

Kodi is the best place to watch all the PPV events and live match for free. Who would pay to $60, when they can watch all the content for free. When it comes to PPV events UFC and MMA acquire the top position. These are some of the best addons, which allows you to stream all the PPV events and Live sports channels.

Planet MMA

Which addon comes to your mind after hearing PPV events? If it’s not Planet MMA Kodi addon, then you are missing the best part of using Kodi. Planet MMA previously known as the UFC finest has been the most used PPV addon for the past years. Well, its performance is unparalleled and you can stream all the matches of UFC and MMA.

Planet MMA Kodi addon is available in Supremacy repository. It allows you to watch all the live matches, precious matches, and some special events. The contents are categorized in a user-friendly manner.

REPO NAME: Supremacy Repository

Supremacy Sports

Supremacy repository is the host for most of the top sports addon. It is famous for its sports contents. Supremacy sports addon is an all in one sports addon. You can watch most of the sports contents with this addon. The content is grouped based on sports. And there are live channels available. It is one of the top two addons to provide lots of Sports channel.

If you are a sports lover, then you should definitely try this addon. You won’t be disappointed. The only drawback of this addon, it cant stream MMA or UFC contents. For that, you can use Planet MMA kodi addon. So the combination of these two addons will supercharge your kodi sports experience.

REPO NAME: Supremacy Repository

Best Kodi Addons to watch Live IPTV

Kodi is the main reason for cord cutting. The average cost of cable is around $200, which is too high for some lame channels. So millions of users had been switched to the streaming device. Whatever device they may use Kodi plays an important role in streaming those contents. There are few kodi addons, which you can stream all the contents for free.

The addon described is free addons. There are a few paid addons, you can also use services like Area 51, Sling TV to get IPTV services at very low cost. The price stars at $5/month.


Selfless Kodi addon is one of the top live TV addons. If you are from US or UK, this is the one addon you will need to stream all the contents. It has most of the available channels. And all the channels are available in auto play mode. You can play any content in a single click. You can get selfless kodi addon from Maverick TV repository.

REPO NAME: Maverick TV Repository


Resistance is another famous kodi addon which allows the user to stream all the Live TV contents. If you are from the rest of the world, other than the US and UK, then this addon might catch your interest. This addon has other language Live TV channels. Though finding a good stream is pretty difficult. But other language streams are working properly. You can find this addon from Resistance Repository.

REPO NAME: Resistance Repository

Best Kodi Addons for Kids, Cartoons & Anime

Whatever your age might be, everyone loves to watch a cartoon for a bit of relaxation. Or if you have grown up a kid like me who loves anime. Then this section is for you. Cartoon and Anime both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Being an anime freak, I personally use one of these addons to watch all my favorite content like Naruto, Boruto, Dragon Ball Super and a lot more.

Watch cartoon online

Watch cartoon anime kodi addon is the one-stop solution for all your anime needs. You find most of the anime here. the contents are categorized into Dubbed, Subbed, movies, episodes. There is an option to sort the content on alphabetical order. Watch Cartoon Online Kodi addon is available in Super Respoditory.

REPO NAME: Super Repository


ToonMania2 is the replica of the Toon Mania 1. Toon Mania was taken down in the previous copyright strike. It is nearly impossible to find all cartoons at once place. So Toon mania focuses on some of the most-watched series. It also got some of the famous movies. In simple terms, with tool mania, you can watch all your favorite cartoon. It has a one-click playback, which allows you to play all the contents on a single click. Toon Mania 2 is available Sandman Repository.

REPO NAME: Sandman Repository

These are the top 20 best Kodi addons. The list can be extended to a lot of addons.  But these are the top creamy layer of best addons. Though there are a lot of other addons like MP3 Streams, Pulse Fitness, Series Addict, Indigo and a lot more. These are user specific addon. They are used only when there is a need.

All the addons were tested for its working. Some of the addons faced trouble in fetching the streaming links. After using a VPN, it works perfectly fine. And we also tested streaming with VPN vs Streaming without VPN. Using a VPN, clearly makes a difference in streaming speed, no buffering, and with increased contents. So make sure to use a VPN like IPVanish or Express VPN for better results.

So try these twenty best Kodi addons, and let us know your feedback. If we missed out any of your favorite addons, let us know in the comments. We will update the best Kodi addons list on a regular basis. Hope the article is informative.