Best Kodi Builds {100% Working Updated List} with Install tutorials

Best Kodi Builds Best Kodi Builds {100% Working Updated List} with Install tutorials

If you are using Kodi for a long period of time, at one point or the other, you might have thought about customizing your Kodi. To give the best user experience, Kodi already has lots of skins. You can try any skin available in the Kodi addon repository. But those skins will only change the appearance. Have you ever thought of having a customized Kodi interface with all the necessary Kodi add-ons pre-installed? If yes, then Kodi builds are the best option for you.

If you are new to Kodi, setting up Kodi is a tedious process. You want to search for the best Kodi add-ons, install them and check how it works. This is a long process and it consumes time. Being a Kodi user, you might face some difficulties in finding the working addons. This is where Kodi builds came into the picture. In this article we have covered the topics like, What is a Kodi build, list of best Kodi builds and how to install them…

What are Kodi builds?


Kodi builds are one click installation setup, which is fully loaded with all the necessary add-ons, themes and skins. Once you have installed a Kodi build, you will feel like you are in a new world of Kodi 😉 Just like a custom ROM in Android, it’s Build in Kodi. A single build may contain lots of add-ons pre-installed in it. You just have to download the build and install on your device. With this single installation, you will get a new list of working addons with some awesome kodi skins and interface. There are lots of Kodi builds that are available over the internet. These Kodi builds are developed by various Kodi enthusiasts across the world. So in this article, we are going to list out some of the best Kodi builds that actually works.
Warning! Kodi Users read before proceeding
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So it is advised to mask your IP using VPN while streaming on Kodi. Using a Kodi VPN will help you to connect to a different country IP address. By this way, you can stream anonymously on Kodi. Adding to that, you can even get access to geo-restricted addons and builds.

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Best Kodi builds

The following are some of the best Kodi Builds which we have handpicked from a huge collection of builds. We have tested all the following Kodi builds and they are working great!

To ease your installation process, we have created separate tutorials for each Kodi builds. You can find the link to installation guide under each build’s description.

You can also refer to the master table given below to find the list of all Kodi builds and it’s repositories.

Build NameRepository/Wizard NameRepository URL Build Size (MB)
Lobo One nation Repository
Turbo TurboJ TV Repository
Stealth SG repository
Xontech LightAJ repository
Aeon TeslaTesla builds repository
TitaniumSupreme builds http://repo.supremebuilds.com120
DurexDurex Wizard
No Limits MagicNo Limits Wizard
XenonKodigeeks Wizard
Fire TV GuruFire TV Guru Repo (Wizard)
EquinoxGenie TV Repo (Wizard)
Atomic RebornMisfit Mods Repositoryhttp://misfitmods com/mmwiz/410
WarlockWarlock Wizard
WookieWookie Repo and Wizardhttp://wiz.wookiespmc.com200
Pulse CCMFire TV Guru

Lobo Kodi Build

Lobo Build

Lobo Kodi build is the fastest Kodi build so far. It is available in one nation Repository. Its a new Kodi build released during the first week of September. Its performance is mind-blowing. This build is most suitable for limited or low RAM devices like firestick, Roku, and Android TV boxes. The size of this build is around 156 Mb. So make sure to have a free space of minimum 300Mb, before installing the build. Though the size is a little higher than the warlock build, the performance is way better than it.

Since its a newly released build, the addons and scrappers are updated and working great. The link fetching speed is also comparatively good. And most of the streams are working great without any issue. The interface is a bit similar to the Ares build.

On a general basis, each content has ten different sources. This gives the user a wide variety to choose from. If you are fond of PPV matches, then you will love this build. The live sports has a separate section for PPV matches, and it directly streams the content in high quality. To know more and install Lobo Kodi build follow the steps in below guide.

Install Lobo Kodi build

Turbo Kodi Build

Turbo Build

Turbo Kodi Build is one of the best Kodi builds. If you are using Kodi on your PC, then this is the best build for you. The size of the build is around 260Mb. And its one of the robust build next to titanium Kodi build. Make sure to go for fresh installation.

If you are missing Kodi Jarvis Version, try this build! The interface is similar to the Kodi Jarvis Skin. The performance of this build is solid. This build was released a few weeks ago. And the number of addons integrated into this build is pretty high when compared to other builds. This build is available in Turboj repository. You can install this build through TurboJ TV Wizard. Totally 2 different versions of Turbo Kodi build is available, a normal version and a Lite version. If you are installing in firestick, go for Lite version. Or you can install the normal version of turbo kodi build. V3.0 is the latest of turbo Kodi build.

The contents are categorized into movies, TV shows, Sports, Live TV, kids, music, and apps. This build has multi scrapers features. Turbo Kodi build includes lots of best Kodi addons. Refer to the below guide to know more about Turbo Kodi build and its installation procedures.

Install Turbo Kodi build

Stealth Kodi build

Stealth Build

Surprisingly Stealth Kodi builds works awesome on firestick and Android TV Boxes. You can install stealth Kodi build from SG wizard available in SG repository. The Size of this build is around 264 Mb. In addition to this, SG Wizard has three versions of it ultimate, atripid, and stealth. Ultimate version suits best for PC and Laptops, whereas Stealth version suits best for firestick and Android TV boxes.

And the best thing about this build is its scrapping speed and vast content. The interface is much similar to Kodi Jarvis version. And nearly 10 to 15 addons were integrated into this build to stream all the available contents. It includes movies, TV shows, music, sports, Kids, IPTV, and All In One section. The streaming quality and fetching speed is great. If you are looking for the fastest build for your PC, then this build is highly recommended. To know more about this build and its installation procedure, refer to the below guide.

Install Stealth Kodi build

Xontech Light Kodi Build

Xontech Light Build

If you are looking for a lightweight build with the best IPTV features, then this build is for you. Xontech is a new Kodi build from AJ repository, focusing mainly on providing the best IPTV services. You can install Xontech Light Kodi Build from AJ Wizard. AJ wizard has a hood collection of Kodi builds which are classified based on the names of the developers. It includes AJ Builds, Becky builds, Pauls builds, and community builds. Xontech Light Kodi Build is located under Pauls builds.

Under this section, different versions of Xontech Kodi Build is available. In that select light version(17). The size of the build is around 371 Mb. Restart Kodi to save changes. The categorization is similar to the other builds, but the live TV section is full of new contents with working links. If you are a sports lover, then try this build. You will be amazed! Xontech Light Kodi Build allows you to stream Live TV, Sports, and most of the PPV contents. To know more about this build refer to the below guide.

Install Xontech Light Kodi Build

Aeon Tesla Kodi Build

Aeon Tesla Build

Tesla Kodi build is a new arrival to the Kodi community. But the performance of this build can rivals titanium Kodi build. This build is available in Tesla builds repository.  It doesn’t support wizard installation. You need to install this build directly by zip file installation method. And It has Aeon skin as default. But depending on your taste, you can customize it. The size of this build is around 150Mb. The performance is stunning.

Though the number of addons associated with this build is pretty less, most of the links are working great. And scrapers separates the paid and free links during the start. So that you can have a hassle free Kodi experience. This build is highly recommended for its movies and TV shows content. When compared to other builds, it has a lot of official addons in it. To know more about Aeon Tesla Build and its installation procedures, refer to the below guide.

Install Aeon Tesla Kodi build

Titanium Kodi build

best kodi builds - titanium

Titanium Kodi build is a newly launched build available at the supreme build repository. It has made its way to the top of the best Kodi builds because of its reliable features and contents. There are a lot of pre-installed addons under every possible category. Some of the famous addons included in this builds are Neptune Rising, Bob Unleashed, Goodfellas, The Pyramid, Limitless IPTV, Placenta, Cartoon Crazy, Toons-R-Us, Gears TV, AdultHideout, Planet MMA, Mobdina, Sports Hub,  UK Turk Playlists and a lot more.

Compared to other builds, it offers both free and paid IPTV services. If you already have an ongoing subscription, you can use that within the titanium Kodi builds. The developer of this build had done a great job by pulling streams from exodus, covenant, and other famous addons. You can also access Terrarium TV, Android APK, Mobdro, and Plex. This makes this build one of the best Kodi builds among the Kodi users.

Install Titanium Kodi Build

Durex Kodi build

durex kodi build

Durex Kodi build is one of the lightest weight builds. And Its constantly acquiring the top 3 positions in the best Kodi builds list. There is numerous advantage in using this build. Placenta, Neptune Rising, Uranus, Genesis Reborn, Argon live Tv, Skynet and Pure sports Kodi are some of the pre-installed addons available in this build. The size of this build is 360MB. Despite its size, its performance is mind-blowing. It is the fastest build when comes to firestick. You can install the Durex build through Durex wizard. We highly suggest taking a backup of your data. Since we are installing a build, it will wipe all the existing addon. And this build will be installed as a fresh build. After acquiring the top position, there are lots of updates for this build. Recently they added some new scrapers to the build. This will fetch some additional streaming link when the user is looking for their favorite contents.

We highly recommend installing Durex Kodi build. It includes content like Movies, TV shows, Sports, and Live IPTV. The interface is highly user-friendly. There are lots of other stuff available in this build. Install Durex build and get amazed by its feature and performance. Refer to the below guide for the step by step installation procedure of Durex Kodi build.

Install Durex Kodi build

No Limits Magic Build

no limits magic kodi build

No limits magic build is one of the best Kodi builds for its unique interface, which has Aeon Nox 5 Silver Skin. The interface and skin look great. If you are a techie, then there is a high probability that you may like this theme. Besides from its interface, it also has the best collection of addons to improve its performance. The add-ons include Covenant, Bennu, BOB Unleashed, Elysium, Quantum, and Stream Army.

You can use No limits wizard to install no limit magic builds. You can find no limits on the program addons list. In simple terms, it has all the category you are looking frequently. Always make a fresh installation, or else you might get into troubles.

Install No Limits Magic Build

Xenon Kodi build

xenon kodi build

Xenon Kodi build is available in Diggz repository. And to install this build, you have to install diggz wizard, navigate to build menu and install it. This build offers fresh and standard install. Xenon Kodi build is known for its 3D and 4K movie streams. The interface of this build is pretty good. And this build pulls the streams from 56 addons. To know about these addons, just click on the movies in the center menu. A window will open with a list of all the Kodi addons. These add-ons lists include fantastic, maverick, Skynet. bob unleashed Elysium, stream hub, UK Turk’s movies and a lot more. The installation procedure is similar to other builds.

Xexon Kodi build also includes weather widget. And there are a lot of maintenance options, to optimize the performance of your Kodi. Xenon explore section has lots of video contents to suit your mood. This build streams content like movies, TV shows, Live TV, sports, Music, streams, favorite, your library, android apps, kids zone, addons, settings, and explore section. This build has tons of features to explore.

Install Xenon Kodi build

Fire TV Guru Kodi build

fire tv guru kodi build

Fire TV guru is a pleasant Kodi build which uses Xonfire skin. The theme is clean with mild background colors. We suggest going for the fresh install of this build. Clear your old Kodi data and make a fresh install. Like other builds, it also contains wide categories of content. This build is available in fire TV guru repository. And you have to use fire TV wizard to install this build. The best thing is fire TV guru wizard separate internet tools and retro gaming wizard. Though the main interface is similar, it has a lot of sub-options. Fire TV Guru Kodi build mainly focus on movies, TV shows, Live TV, sports, and kids corner. It pulls comparatively fewer streams. And addon associated with this build is fewer. We hope for more streams in the future.

Install Fire TV Guru Kodi build

Equinox Kodi Build

Equinox kodi build

Equinox kodi build is a powerpack entertainment build. It includes many sections like movies, Tv shows, Sports, 24/7, Kids zone, documentary and much more. If you are a sports lover, you will love this build. The sports section has lots of content when compared to other categories. It includes some of the popular pre-loaded addons like Project M, Stream hub, Bob unleashed, Neptune rising, At the flix, Covenant, Maverick TV, UK Turk, sports devil, supremacy and much more.

Equinox Kodi build is available in Genie TV repository. And equinox is the default skin of this build. The size of this build is 420MB. Though the size is high, the performance is remarkable. Yet, we won’t suggest Equinox build for firestick. You can use this build on all other supported devices. We hope for a better performance in the upcoming updates. Follow the below guide for the step by step installation procedure of Equinox Kodi Build.

Install Equinox Kodi build

Atomic Reborn Kodi build

Atomic Reborn Build


Atomic Reborn Kodi build is the new version of the old Atomic Build. It is one of the best Kodi builds that is quite popular for its 4K video streaming. The interface and fonts are amazing. It has a horizontal menu to locate your favorite contents. Atomic Reborn build was developed by misfit mods. And it has an inbuilt widget feature to help you navigate easily. And the best thing about this addon is all subcategories are available in the single window. It pulls the content from a lot of best Kodi add-ons. It includes Neptune rising, placenta, The pyramid, Prometheus, Maverick, Monster Munch, and Buckys. Atomic Reborn build is getting a lot of updates regularly.

Atomic reborn build is available in misfit mods repository. You can install this build through misfit mod wizard. If you are installing this build for the first time, go for the fresh install. If you wish to update your build, go for the standard installation. As soon as the build is installed, restart your Kodi device and wait for some time to complete addon updates in the background.

Install Atomic Reborn Kodi build

Warlock Kodi Build

warlock kodi build

If you are looking for a lightweight build, then Warlock Kodi build is the second best lightweight build after Durex Kodi build. Its size is around 120MB. Though the size is smaller than the Durex, the performance is a bit lag. Small size doesn’t mean you should except least number of add-ons. The contents of this build are mesmerizing. We highly recommend this build for 2nd generation Amazon firestick and Android boxes. Low size and less memory consumption make this build perfect for these two devices.

You can install Warlock build via warlock wizard. You can install the wizard from warlock repository. This is a full-fledged entertainment build which includes movies, TV shows, Sports, Kids and family, Documentary, Live on demand, music sports special and youtube. In addition to this, it has some maintenance add-on for optimal performance. Refer to the below guide for the detailed installation procedure of warlock Kodi build.

  Install Warlock Kodi build

Wookie Kodi build

Wookie kodi build

Wookie is one of the popular Kodi builds of all times for its exclusive contents. The contents are mainly focused on HD movies, TV shows, Sports, Kids, and some maintenance addon. This build is best for live sports. It includes addon like Bob unlashed, sports world, nemesis, Deliverance, hallow TV, boom, covenant. stream hub, Posiden, UK Turk, Wolfpack, GoodFellas and some maintenance addon. Analysing all these add-ons, we found that, the prime importance is given for Live sports and IPTV.

The size of Wookie build is comparatively big. And it gives a decent performance. You can use the maintenance tool to keep the optimum performance. Due to big size and large memory consumption, we won’t suggest this build for firestick and Android TV boxes. But you can try this build in PC. There are two methods to install Wookie Kodi build. Refer the below guide for the installation procedure.

  Install Wookie Kodi build

Pulse CCM Kodi Build

Pulse CCM Kodi Build

This is one of the best Kodi builds for entertainment. You can’t ignore the fact that, its a premium build. Xonfluence skin is used in Pulse CCM build. This skin is a replica of Jarvis Xonfluence skin. Pulse CCM build is available in Fire TV Guru repository. You have to use Fire TV wizard to install this build. Go for the fresh install. If you are facing any issue with the download link, try the standard install. We can’t assure that this addon can work properly for all the users. Since the drop of Ares wizard, Pulse CCM build is facing some issues. We hope it will return.

Install Pulse CCM Kodi build


That’s all about the list of best Kodi builds. All these builds are perfectly working during testing. If you are facing any issue, kindly let us know. We would be glad to help you to solve your issue. Also if you have come across any better Kodi builds, then kindly comment them down.

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  1. Becky says:

    This post made my day. Durex Kodi build is awesomee!!. Finally I can experience some speed in firestick! Thanks a lot.

  2. Jason says:

    Nice list of best kodi builds. No wonder my personal favorite builds are at top 3 position. So far the list is good. Keep updating!!

  3. Ashley says:

    There are lots of other best kodi builds. Some of them are BK Link, Spark, and Schism. Add these to the list. I personally love all these three with durex and titanium builds.

  4. Matt says:

    Wookie Kodi build is not working for me.. what to do?

    1. Nicki says:

      Hello Matt, there are two methods to install wookie kodi build. You may try zip file installation method. It will work for sure.
      Check out Wookie kodi build installation guide

  5. Charlie says:

    Hello admin, nice post. Pulse ccm kodi build is not working for me? Is there any specific kodi build for anime?

    1. Nicki says:

      Thank you Charlie. During our testing also we faced some issue with pulse CCM kodi build. Currently they are working with updates. I hope the problem will be resolved in the upcomming updates. You may try titanium kodi build or Equinox kodi build. These two are much similar to pulse build.

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