Best Kodi Builds List 2018 for krypton with install tutorials

Best Kodi Builds 2018 Best Kodi Builds List 2018 for krypton with install tutorials

If you are using Kodi for a long period of time, at one point or the other you might have thought about customizing your Kodi. To give the best user experience, Kodi already has lots of skins. You can try any skin available in the Kodi addon repository. As you get comfortable with Kodi, you might have searched to install famous working Kodi addons in a single click. If yes, then Kodi build is for a person like you. If you are new to Kodi, setting up Kodi is a tedious process. You want to search for the best addons and install them and check it’s usage. This is a long process and it takes time. Being a new you user, you might face some difficulties in finding the working addons. Kodi builds are here to help you.

What are Kodi builds?

Kodi builds are one click installation setup, which helps you to install a set of working addons and skin. Just like a custom ROM in Android, in Kodi it’s called Builds. A single build may contain lots of addons. You have to download the build and install on your device. With this single installation, you will get a new list of working addons with some awesome skins and interface. There are lots of kodi builds that are available over the internet. These kodi builds are developed by various Kodi enthusiasts across the world. So in this article, we are going to list out some of the best kodi builds that actually works.

Best Kodi builds of 2018

Titanium Kodi build

best kodi builds - titanium

Titanium Kodi build is a newly launched build available at the supreme build repository. It has made its way to the top of the best kodi builds because of its reliable features and contents. There are a lot of pre-installed addons under every possible category. Some of the famous addons included in this builds are Neptune Rising, Bob Unleashed, Goodfellas, The Pyramid, Limitless IPTV, Placenta, Cartoon Crazy, Toons-R-Us, Gears TV, AdultHideout, Planet MMA, Mobdina, Sports Hub,  UK Turk Playlists and a lot more.

Compared to other builds, it offers both free and paid IPTV services. If you already have an ongoing subscription, you can use that within the titanium Kodi builds. The developer of this build had done a great job by pulling streams from exodus, covenant, and other famous addons. You can also access Terrarium TV, Android APK, Mobdro, and Plex. This makes this build one of the best kodi builds among the kodi users.

No Limits Magic Build

no limits magic kodi build

No limits magic build is one of the best kodi builds for its unique interface, which has Aeon Nox 5 Silver Skin. The interface and skin look great. If you are a techie, then there is a high probability that you may like this theme. Besides from its interface, it also has the best collection of addons to improve its performance. The addons include Covenant, Bennu, BOB Unleashed, Elysium, Quantum, and Stream Army.

You can use No limits wizard to install no limit magic builds. You can find no limits on the program addons list. In simple terms, it has all the category you are looking frequently. Always make a fresh installation, or else you might get into troubles.

Atom Kodi build

Atom is one of the best Kodi builds that is quite popular for its 4K video streaming. The interface and fonts are amazing. It has two submenus to locate your favorite contents. This build was developed by misfit mods. And it has an inbuilt widget feature to help you in easy navigating. And the best thing about this addon is all subcategories are available in the single window. It pulls the content from a lot of best addons. It includes Neptune rising, placenta, The pyramid, Prometheus, Maverick, Monster Munch, and buckys. And the build is getting a lot of updates.

This build is available in misfit mods repository. You can install this build through misfit mod wizard. If you are installing this build for the first time, go for the fresh install. If you wish to update our build, go for the standard install. As soon as the build is installed, restart your Kodi device and wait for some time to complete addon updates in the background.

Xenon Kodi build

xenon kodi build

Xenon Kodi build is available in Diggz repository. And to install this build, you have to install diggz wizard and navigate to build menu and install it. This build offers fresh and standard install. Xenon Kodi build is known for its 3D and 4K movie streams. The interface of this build is pretty good. And this build pulls the streams from 56 addons. To know about these addons. Just click on the movies in the center menu. A window will be opened, with associated addons. These addons include fantastic, maverick, Skynet. bob unleashed Elysium, stream hub, UK Turk’s movies and a lot more. The installation procedure is similar to other builds.

This build also includes weather widget. And there are a lot of maintenance options, to optimize the performance of your Kodi. Xenon explore section has lots of video contents to suit your mood. This build streams content like movies, TV shows, Live TV, sports, Music, streams, favorite, your library, android apps, kids zone, addons, settings, and explore section. This build has tons of features to explore.

 Fire TV Guru Kodi build

fire tv guru kodi build

Fire TV guru is a pleasant Kodi build which uses Xonfire skin. The theme is clean with mild background colors. We suggest going for the fresh install of this build. Clear your old Kodi data and make a fresh install. Like other builds, it also contains most of the different categories of content. This build is available in fire TV guru repository. And you have to use fire TV wizard to install this build. The best thing is fire TV guru wizard separate internet tools and retro gaming wizard. Though the main interface is similar, it has a lot of sub-options. Fire TV Guru Kodi build mainly focus on movies, TV shows, Live TV, sports, and kids corner. It pulls comparatively fewer streams. And addon associated with this build is fewer. We hope for more streams in the future.

Not working Kodi builds

Pulse CCM

This is one of the best Kodi build. Though there is some issue with its download link as I am writing. You can’t ignore the fact that, its a premium build. Xonfluence skin is used, this skin is a replica of Jarvis confluence skin.This build is available in Fire TV Guru repository. You have to use Fire TV wizard to install this build. Go for the fresh install. If you are facing issue with the link, try the standard install. This build is not working properly. Since the drop of ares wizard, it’s facing some issues. We hope it will return.


That’s all about the list of best Kodi builds of 2018. All these builds are perfectly working during testing. If you are facing any issue, kindly let us know. We would be glad to help you to solve your issue. Also if you have come across any better kodi builds, then kindly comment them down.

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